Text robotics for any writer

Mimid is a robotic writing platform that lets you focus on your business or organization instead of writing and editing reports, documents, graphs and more.

Mimid is a platform that takes in data and then mimics the process of how an actual human would to generate a report or other document.

And while Mimid is powered by some serious hard-core code, you don’t need to be a coder to use it. You just need to know how to read and write.

Here’s why you’ll love Mimid

Create better reports
Humans are great, but they’re not calculators. Machines are though! Mimid will help you create better, more accurate and scalable reports and documents. And it learns to be even more accurate as you use it.
Save time and money
Save up to 100% of the human time spent writing documents. Yes, 100%! Mimid can generate multi-page reports that would take a person (or a team of people) hours, days or even weeks of work. Use the time you and your people will save to do things like grow your business.
Scale your business
Our clients are already using Mimid to generate hyper-scalable report products and selling them on to their own customers. With Mimid, you’ve got complete control over language, analytics and formatting, which means you can customize it to pretty much any project. Robotic writing is good for business, period.
Keep your people happy
Let’s face it, no one wants to be a report slave. Free your employees from tedious and unnecessary writing work and give them the time and room they need to focus on work that needs human input.

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It’s super exciting to automatize reports and other writing tasks with Mimid! Our guys are asking how will they know if they are working with a real Markus or a robot.
Markus Hav, Growth Strategist, Data Evangelist
Inderes is the biggest equity analyst team in Finland. Inderes uses Mimid to robotize their stock analyst work.
Our experts should focus on data and the logic behind metrics. Teaching the robot made us re-think what we measure and how we verbalise the results.
Katri Vermanne, Human Resources Manager
National Land Survey of Finland was our first governmental client. We robotised their personnel report of 2018 with Finland’s State Treasury’s help.

Example Personnel Report 2018 (In Finnish)

How Mimid works

Step 1
Save your data to a CSV file and upload it to Mimid’s editor
Step 2
Write your document by choosing the text options you need
Step 3
Add excel formulas to define the rules for showing your texts
Step 4
Add graphs and connect them with your data
Step 5
Upload new data and watch the magic happen as the texts and graphs react to the data

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